Get Rid of Mice

Want to know how to get rid of mice this winter and the signs that you have a mouse infestation.

Get rid of mice

Get rid of mice this winter


With winter now upon us and the cold snap finally starting mice are starting their migration into our homes and businesses.

Some of the tell tale signs that you need to get rid of mice are the following


•    Droppings in corners of rooms, behind appliances, in drawers and on worktops. Get rid of mice if you see any droppings. Call the professionals at B-Discreet Pest Control.

•    Holes in the walls, floorboards and wall floor junctions allowing mice to access from wall cavities and void areas. 

•    Gnawed material, wires, cables, skirting boards as rodents need to continually gnaw to maintain their incisor teeth. 

•    Signs of runs where mice continually move from A to B in their daily routines.

•    Smear marks from mice as they are incontinent and urinate as they scuttle around during their usually routine foraging. 

Any of these signs will tell you that mice are in your property and you must get rid of mice as soon as possible. 

Some people choose to follow the route to get rid of mice of buying the traditional spring loaded traps and bait it with cheese believing this is what they like. Whilst this may work in the short term the mice will become accustom to this method and avoid the traps.

Another is to apply pesticides bought from DIY stores placed anywhere in the property causing possible risk to you, your loved ones and even your pets. Some pesticides purchased are suitable for rats but not for mice and will have little effect to get rid of mice.

Want to get rid of mice once and for all. Call us today at B-Discreet Pest Control or call us on 0800 612 6955 for a professional and effective service to get rid of mice today.


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