Wasp nests in London increasing in 2015


Wasp nest control in London is in full swing with summer now here at B-Discreet Pest Control we are already dealing with more wasp nests than last year and now is the time to investigate your roof voids, loft spaces and sheds for those wasp nests. During the later part of last year the new queens that were hatched have searched out suitable nesting sites. The nest sites start about the size of a golf ball and are made of chewed stripped wood from sheds and fence panels, but soon grow into a buzzing mass of wasps.

As the weather warms up in summer the queen will have emerge from her overwintering site and will set off to find a suitable location for the new nest. When a nest location is found the queen will begin to build the new nest and lay eggs. Once hatched she feeds them as she continues to build cells and increase the size of the nest.When the larvae pupate into adult worker wasps and take over the building duties and care for the larvae.They are also responsible for food collection allowing the queen to solely lay eggs and nest control.
Wether your wasp nest is in Paddington or Putney, Barnes or Bexleyheath, Croydon or Crawley call B-Discreet pest control to carry out emergency treatment to remove your unwanted wasp nest activity from your site today. Keep your gardens BBQ safe and your employees and visitors safe after a simple call to us we will have one of our BPCA trained technicians to attend. Call us today.

Rats Hit the Headlines Again


Once again this week the reports of super rats hit the headlines in the national newspapers. Local authorities are cutting pest control and street cleaning services. Now when many people hear the term “super rat” the thoughts automatically turn to rodents the size of a cat or small dog but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The term super rat is used purely to describe a rodent that is resistance to the anticoagulants we use in the pest control industry.


First generation anticoagulants were first developed and used in the 1950’s and 1960’s with the first reported resistance found in 1958 in Scotland. In 1960 resistance was found on the English/Welsh border and subsequently the Kent/Sussex border and Hampshire. In the 1970’s second generation anticoagulants were introduced but resistance was found in central southern England a few years later and in 1980’s and 90’s found as far as Anglia, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


Here at B Discreet pest control services we believe in an integrated pest management programmed approach not relying on chemical control measures alone. We include trapping, environmental and habitat management, restriction to food, water and harborage and proofing to restrict further movement. Call us now on 0800 612 6955 to discuss your pest control needs.

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